Preparing to move house with a toddler in tow

Moving house isn’t the easiest process in the world, with chains breaking, solicitors to chase and boxes coming out of your ears. Looking after an inquisitive toddler is also pretty challenging when dressing them is like putting a sock on a snake, you find them licking a Cheerio that’s stubbornly stuck to the floor and they pee on the floor and splash in it the minute you take off their nappy. Combine the two and you have an explosive mix of chaos.

The scene unfolds…

Whilst the toddler is having a snack, you grab these precious minutes to bubble wrap those dust collecting ornaments that you’ve been threatening to bin. 5 minutes peace. Taping the box, as your removal coordinator showed you, you feel pretty satisfied that you’ve ticked that job off the ever growing list. By the amount of noise he’s making, the small person has finished his snack. End of peace. Off he wanders towards his toys and starts to play quietly. In hindsight, you should have been suspicious by this, but instead use the time to wrap and pack some pictures while listening to the radio. Another 5 minutes peace.

You realise that this peace is probably too good to be true so check on the little one. Pandemonium in the front room. Not only has he pulled off the tape and wrapped it around his own body like an Egyptian mummy, but he has proceeded to throw the polystyrene chips up in the air while shouting ‘snow!’ In the undressing of the box, he has also ripped off the top flap and made the box practically unusable. Start again with that one shall we?

Boxes are fun!

Small Person: Mummy? Can we make this box into a cave?
Mum: No, we need these boxes to pack our things safely into.
Small Person: Can we make this box into a rocket?
Mum: No, we need all of them.
Small Person: Can daddy make this into a fire engine?
Mum: No, daddy will say no too.
Small Person: I’ll ask Nanny tomorrow.
Mum rolls her eyes at the realisation that she has been beaten.


You’re getting desperate to crack on with the packing now so enlist his ‘help’ to get a few boxes packed. You are right there next to him, so how you didn’t realise his plan to grab the end of the tape and run through the house with it, Andrex Puppy style, you’ll never know. What you do know is that there is now a sticky mass of tape leading through the house and ending in a giggling upturned box by the front room window. The little one is finding the whole ‘helping’ thing, way too entertaining. You are not.

If you are the proud owner of a spirited toddler and would prefer to skip this stress, our team at Mounts Removals can do the packing for you. The team completely pack most family houses in one day, eliminating the box and tape fiascos that can go on for weeks if you pack yourselves. We have various packing options and everything can be tailored for you. Call us on 01227 656301 and one of the Mounts Removals team can arrange this for you.